Allied Engineering Corp.
Company Name Allied Engineering Corp.
President Mr. Chung, Shuang-Lin
Seed Capital NT $116,600,000
Office Address 7 F, No. 346, Sec. 3, Nanjing E. Rd., Songshan Dist., Taipei City 10595, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Phone (02)2781-4171 (extension 10)
Fax (03)598-2609
Floor Area 21,439 m2
Lot Size 4,552 m2
Number of Employees 80
Technology Partner CALSONIC KANSEI (Japan)
Business Scope
Thanks to our financial and technical partnership with a major Japanese company, we have become a large, renowned, integrated automobile dashboard producer, participating in research, design, manufacturing, and testing.
May 1965
Established Allied Engineering Construction Corp. Ltd. and started both domestic and foreign construction projects that involved chemical, civil, mechanical, and electrical automation. Business matters dealt with design, production, supervision, construction, and installation, and the corporate capital was NT$550,000.
July 1973
Increased capital to NT$1,500,000 to emphasize production and establish Yangmei Factory.
June 1977
Increased capital to NT$2,000,000.
July 1978
Increased capital to NT$12,000,000 and changed company’s name to Allied Engineering Corp. Ltd. Obtained government approval to establish a technical partnership with Japan's Calsonic Kansei Corp., started manufacturing automobile dashboard instruments, and signed a deal to become an official contractor for Yulon Motor.
February 1979
Increased capital to NT$14,100,000.
October 1982
Increased capital to NT$28,800,000.
September 1983
Began manufacturing automobile dashboard instruments for Renault through its technical partnership with the French firm JAEGAR and then increased capital to NT$50,000,000 in the following month.
February 1984
Entered into agreement with China Motor and started manufacturing dashboard instruments for their automobiles. Purchased about 220,000 square feet of land in Hsinchu's expanded industrial park in October for a new manufacturing facility.
June 1984
Contributed to the research and development of Yulon Motor's X101 automobile.
December 1985
Increased capital to NT$80,000,000.
September 1986
Mass-produced X101, which was formally put on the market on October 25.
October 1986
Invested together with Japan's Calsonic Kansei Corp. to expand the scope of their business partnership and collaboration.
March 1987
Obtained government approval and increased capital to NT$116,600,000.
September 1988
The new Hsinchu Factory began manufacturing operations.
November 1991
The LAMP ASSY, manufactured for GM CADILLAC, sent to continental America for the first time.
March 1992
Entered into technical partnership with German firm V.D.O. and began importing German technology.
April 1992
Began signing agreements with Chinchun Motor Co., Ltd. (Volkswagen) to make parts, such as meters, for use in their T4s.
June 1997
Received ISO 9002 Certification from the Bureau of Standards, Metrology & Inspection, Ministry of Economic Affairs
November 1999
Received QS-9000 Certification
May 2000
Began manufacturing integrated instrument panels and head-up displays (HUD's) for Yulon Motor's Sentras.
March 2002
Made investments in and subsequently established a factory in Huizhou, China (jointly with five companies)
January 2006
Received TS 16949 Certification
October 2006
Financed and established a factory in Fuzhou, China
October 2008
Obtained SMD leadless manufacturing facilities and put them into operation.