Throughout the world’s auto industry, related companies have agreed on development towards sustainable energy and technologies. Research into new, energy efficient products is a priority of Taigene Electric Machinery, as well as a key to Taigene sustaining its own long-term, year-after-year growth.

Ten years ago, Taigene named Green Energy among its significant strategic element for its various growth stages. Now, over the next ten years, the company shall focus its development efforts on applying automobile energy usage techniques and zealously developing low-pollution, high-efficiency, long-life products with a highly versatile range of uses, such as the following:
Brushless Motor for Electronic Power Assisted Steering(EPS, REPS)
The company plans to use brushless motors in power steering to gradually replace the traditional hydraulic steering system, which can effectively improve fuel consumption by at least 3%. Car manufacturers around the world are gradually starting to substitute traditional hydraulic steering systems with EPS systems. Taigene Electric Machinery is one of a few companies throughout the world that can mass-produce EPS motors, and right now, more than 10 million cars have already been equipped with Taigene EPS motors. Our future goals consist of early development of new automobile models and increasing our production from its current 8 million units a year to more than 10 million units a year.
Electronic Motorcycle Motors and Controllers
In accordance with the government’s new energy policy, Taigene Electric Machinery is completely dedicated to developing product series with high efficiency and low fuel consumption. In particular, motors and controllers for electric motorcycles will be the company’s main emphasis. By applying the company’s already strong foundation in brushless technology to electric motorcycle motors and controllers, relevant research has led to the mass production of clutch motors, which are currently being used in the sliding side doors of North American SUVs.
Fuel Cell Applications
The company is currently working on developing lightweight motorcycle fuel cells that possess high energy density to replace consumable energy. Research is also being performed regarding related key components and control mechanism elements in order to extract the maximum efficiency of this new energy. Taigene Electric Machinery is Taiwan’s first company to completely assemble a fuel cell motorcycle, test it, and have it meet the target characteristics of the government’s conducting projects.
Industrial and Medical Use Motors
Taigene has created a solid foundation with regard to the research and development of most motor varieties. Thanks to its tremendous experience, the company should have no difficulty developing motors for industrial and medical use. Therefore, this field will be a major emphasis in future development. For example, electric door motors have already seen considerable distribution in both domestic and Australian markets, and the North American market is sure to follow.
Auto Parts Related to Electric and Hybrid Automobiles
Recently, Taigene Electric Machinery has also obtained developmental project contracts and received orders from a number of important global firms for various hybrid automobile parts. Leading its domestic peers in developing generators for hybrid automobiles, the company has already achieved a number of technical innovations and has grown significantly in this area. In accordance with market trends, future development shall emphasize increasing efficiency and reducing motor weight and size. Due to current trends towards environmental conservation and energy savings, Taigene believes that it will take the lead in the market and continue to innovate.