Taigene Metal Industry Co., Ltd.
Company Name Taigene Metal Industry Co., Ltd.
Date Founded March 1974
Field Magnetic Materials
President Mr. Chung, Shuang-Lin
Seed Capital $514,872,600
Headquarters 7 F, No. 346, Sec. 3, Nanjing E. Rd., Songshan Dist., Taipei City 10595, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Factory No. 138-1, Fuyuan Rd., Longtan Dist., Taoyuan City 32556, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Phone Headquarters:(02)2781-4171 / Factory:(03)471-8167
Fax (02)2752-1063
Trade Area Global
E-mail hc.lee@taigenem.com.tw
Website www.taigenem.com.tw
Product Types Barium oxide magnetic powder, cobalt-nickel alloys, pure cobalt, pure iron permanent magnets, various types of iron oxide ceramic magnets
Business Scope
Taigene Metal is devoted to manufacturing various materials, such as permanent magnets. Professional technical partnerships companies in Japan allow it to continuously enhance its professional abilities and improve the competitiveness of its products both at home and abroad. Such products include super strength permanent neodymium magnets, isotropic/anisotropic ferrite permanent magnets, rare earth samarium cobalt permanent magnets, bonded neodymium permanent magnets, alnico permanent magnets, etc. This company also produces and sells lodestones, magnets, and iron cores at a professional level.
March 1974
Allowed to establish foundries and cast alnico magnets thanks to its technical partnership with Japan's Special Technologies Research Center
June 1979
Manufactured wet anisotropic iron oxide ceramic magnets through its technical partnership with Hitachi Metals Ltd.
July 1982
Established Taizu Ferrite Co., Ltd.  and manufactured ferromagnetic oxide powder through its technical partnership with Hitachi Metals Ltd. In addition to meeting the company's production demands, extra powder was sold to both domestic and foreign firms.
September 1989
Formally produced and sold rare earth samarium cobalt magnets together with Hitachi Metals Ltd.
February 1991
Established a factory in Penang, Malaysia as part of its global production scheme, which officially started production in 1993.
February 1995
nvested in China's Tianjin Sanhuan Lucky New Material Company  to manufacture high magnetic energy neodymium permanent magnets.
December 1997
Merged affiliated companies Taizu Ferrite Co., Ltd. (now reorganized as the company's Raw Materials Section) and SHIHMEN FERRITE CO., LTD. (now reorganized as the company's 2nd Manufacturing Department) to become the integrated magnetic material manufacturing company Taigene Metals Industrial Co.
January 1999
Attained ISO9001 Certification
October 2005
Attained ISO14001 Certification