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Education and Training
A Training System Aimed at Comprehensive Development
As Taigene Electric Machinery works toward establishing its global presence, one of its goals is recruiting outstanding talents and new perspectives for the Taigene team. To improve the professionalism and competitiveness of its employees, it actively encourages all its team members to participate in the many relevant courses and development opportunities that the company offers.
New Employee Training Series
In order to help new employees to quickly understand and smoothly integrate themselves into the corporate culture and work environment, every new employee is given pre-employment training and basic courses upon starting with the company. New employees are also provided suitable senior colleagues to act as councilors and advisors to help them adapt to their new positions.
Experienced Employee Training Series
Different, systemized course series are regularly planned for professional skill development and leadership and management skills, in accordance with the job requirements of different rankings.
Promotions and Development
Rank and Pay Dual-Track Advancement Promotion Policy
Each promotion in rank is accompanied by a raise in salary; this is a fundamental principle of the company’s promotion system. Furthermore, its internal human resources management has adapted a system that matches compensation with level of responsibility. All Production Management and Administrative staff have Management Tracks in order to seek the self-approval of one’s value through promotions of responsibilities and rankings. By gaining others’ approval, employees can also increase their sense of satisfaction and achievement, while simultaneously receiving appropriate compensation.

R&D personnel and Engineering personnel are on the Technology Track, which generally follows the pay-matches-rank policy. Compensation is determined by how well an employee matches the target responsibilities. Furthermore, as products are industrialized, commercialized, and made profitable in the market, related employees shall be awarded a share of the intellectual achievement and shall be appropriately rewarded. Any team member may choose a direction in which he/she can better implement his or her talents according to their interests and career direction in order to realize their own life value.
Work Shift Rotations
As Taigene continues to grow, the growth and development of our human resources have also become important. Systemized education and training and work rotation are the main policies the company implements to develop future management talents.

By focusing on each employee’s work results and personal performance, an optimal work rotation is arranged among departments and positions. Training and rotation enables each employee to learn about and/or develop working methodology, management knowledge, problem solving, and critical thinking ability. Therefore, they can receive a variety of training and ultimately be prepared for a future in operation management.
Employee Recognition Grand Assembly
To thank its loyal employees, managers and leaders from various departments are encouraged to name outstanding performers to be formally recognized by the company. Such employees shall be announced and awarded in the Grand Recognition Assembly, and their outstanding performance and professional ability shall be considered models for others to follow.